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The Hoernis Auto Body Difference is Your Peace of Mind

Ever been traveling Old Route 66 in Southern Illinois , with beautiful scenery going by, when suddenly as you round a bend, a car pulls in front of you. You have no time to stop and BAM! It happens.

Hoernis Auto Body of Belleville has your auto body repair covered from the minute your accident happens. Need a tow? With just one call, Hoernis can secure a tow truck from a local reputable towing company to get your vehicle to their secure lot.  Once there, Hoernis offers a free estimate, with clear explanation of the repair process for your auto.

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Choose the Best Auto Body Shop

I don’t know about you but as I sit and wait for a tow truck I am usually wondering: “What’s this going to cost me?” The amount for the tow, if you don’t have AAA or if it’s not covered under your current insurance, can really add up if your car has to be towed a far distance. It’s important that your car is being towed to a reputable auto body shop.

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Auto Body Repair Made Easy

When it happens, life comes to a complete stop.

Auto accidents can be frightening, headache inducing and potentially costly. After the dust has cleared and you realize everything is okay, it's time to take a look around and see the damage. You have meetings. Kids to pick up from school. A dog at the vet. You need your car because life is busy and you have things to do.

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6 Things to Do After Hitting a Deer

It happens. You’re driving and a deer runs into the road, right in front of you. It’s a scenario that even the most cautious driver can get into. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over 1.5 million car accidents with deer each year. It’s a common accident, but not many know what to do next. Do you know what to do if you hit a deer?

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Collision Repair

Once you vehicle is brought in to Hoernis for collision repair, a thorough examination is performed to determine whether there is hidden damage. Hidden damage cannot be seen until the vehicle has been disassembled. Hidden damage can include damage to the engine, suspension, fuel lines and other specific internal vehicle parts.

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