Did You Know…You have the Right to Repair?

Right to Repair
Most consumers are not aware that vehicle collision repair can be done at the repair shop of their choice.  Insurance companies generally provide their clients with contact information for 2-3 body shops leaving consumers to believe that those listed by the insurance company are the only choices where repairs can be done. Not only can consumers select their choice of repair shop, but they also have a choice of one that is locally owned, operated and conveniently located. They should not feel compelled to drive miles out of the way to a franchise operation center or other body shop that may have been communicated as their only option by the insurance company.

Right to Ownership
Consumers have the right to ownership, which means you have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle, how and where your vehicle gets repaired. Consumers have fair choice when it comes to servicing their auto, and the right to lower prices resulting from free market competition. They should also be able to choose between their choice of an independent repair shop and a dealership service for vehicle accident repairs.

Right to Safety
Consumers have a right to be safe on the road. When your vehicle has been in an accident and you are left in an isolated area or alongside a busy highway, call Hoernis Auto Body and we will help you get a tow and get your car to our secure lot.

Hoernis Auto Body, Inc. is knowledgeable of your Right to Repair choice. Our technicians can guide you from estimate through collision repair of your auto, including the insurance claim paperwork. At Hoernis, you can be assured that your auto will have the best of care and high quality repair at a fair price, with no additional cost for making Hoernis your choice of auto body repair. Call Hoernis Auto Body, Inc. in Belleville now for more information or visit their Belleville Il location for a free estimate.