Choose the Best Auto Body Shop

I don’t know about you but as I sit and wait for a tow truck I am usually wondering: “What’s this going to cost me?” The amount for the tow, if you don’t have AAA or if it’s not covered under your current insurance, can really add up if your car has to be towed a far distance. It’s important that your car is being towed to a reputable auto body shop.

Have you ever moved to a new area and needed a tow, only to realize you haven’t even thought  about doing the research? Accidents, as well all know, are not planned events! In the instance of an auto collision repair, by choosing Hoernis Auto Body, Inc., you can assure yourself you have made the right decision.

Not involved in a collision but looking for the best auto body shop in Belleville, IL?

Here are some things to think about before making a call:

Ask All the Right Questions
Ask smart questions: Does the shop have a written warranty? How long is the warranty for and what does it specifically cover? A one-year warranty is a minimum, so make sure you investigate fully.

Consider Wisely
Choose an auto body shop that uses reference guides that estimate the number of hours required to perform common repairs - which means it excludes those things that they may have repair first before the problem is fixed.

Word-of-Mouth Travels
The auto body shop that friends, family and acquaintances recommend has proven it can satisfy its repeat customers.

Intuition Works Wonders
Trust your intuition about the auto body shop you're considering. If the shop isn't busy, maybe that's because customers have already learned about the lack of customer service or shoddy repairs. If a place is not clean it may reflect the kind of work you could expect on your car repair.

Hoernis Auto Body is a step above other auto body shops when it comes to our customers.
We are a local, family owned business, in the Belleville area, that offers outstanding customer service - and we’ve been in our business for 50 years. Ask us about our 100% Guarantee.