Are cheap repairs part of an insurance scheme?

Finally the time has come when CNN will address a very important issue facing consumers nationwide seeking auto body repairs. This was revealed on the Anderson Cooper show as something the driving public needs to be aware of.

This CNN documentary uncovers what many of us in the auto body industry have been facing and testifying about for several years. We want consumers to know what really happens when they have an auto accident, file an insurance claim, get pressured and steered by the insurance company to one of "their preferred network" repair facilities. At Hoernis Auto Body, we repair vehicles to strict safety and quality standards, and have launched a public awareness campaign to inform area residents of their rights to choose the shop of their choice.

This is an important issue facing consumers across the country and right here in Belleville and surrounding communities. Please inform yourself as a consumer by watching this clip and call us at Hoernis Auto Body if you have any questions about your rights. You can also learn more here.