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24hr Emergency Help
Call us any time of the day for towing assistance and we will get your car to our safe, secure lot and ready for repair. Let our staff handle it all from there.

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Call or Visit Us for a Free Estimate
Call us after you have been in an accident so we can help you get the repair process underway in a few simple steps. We handle it all, from collision to completion and get you back on the road.

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Or, Send Us Your Photos
Sending us photos of your damaged vehicle is a quick and easy way to get the estimate process started.

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We know you are busy and we want to make getting your car repaired as easily and quickly as possible. Call us after you have been in an accident and we will arrange for a tow truck to assist you in getting your vehicle to our lot. If a tow truck isn’t needed, call us or drop in so we can assess your damaged vehicle for safety concerns (drivability),and for a proper estimate of repairs. You can also contact us through our website to send us photos of your damage so we can do an assessment for you on-line. We have four, qualified damage appraisers to help you and we aim to accommodate, so please let us take the hassle out of the estimating process.

So how does the estimate process work?

When we meet with you for an estimate your vehicle is inspected and relevant data is entered into our estimate computer systems. This data is compiled into an estimate that determines the cost of repairs. However, often there is hidden damage that cannot be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled but we will work with you every step of the way to address any surprise costs so you know exactly what is happening throughout the repair process.

You've got your estimate. Now what?

Once the estimate is completed, the insurance company will review the estimate. There may be some negotiations on the price and procedures required to repair the vehicle. Hoernis Auto Body’s job is to make sure your vehicle is repaired to the highest possible quality standards. Once this process is completed, the vehicle begins the actual repair process of:

  • Disassembly
  • Selecting and Ordering Parts
  • Structural Repair
  • Body Repair
  • Applying Paint
  • Reassembly
  • Detailing

When the customer arrives to pick up the vehicle, the bill is explained and the final paperwork is completed. The customer drives away in the vehicle that has been restored to its pre-accident condition. Best of all, we guarantee our work so you can drive away confident that your car has been safely repaired and by some of the best auto body technicians in the business.