Towing and Rental Car

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Working with you every step of the way . . . so you can get on the road again.

We know you are busy and if you have been in an accident you are probably concerned about the next steps. How do I get my car to the auto body shop? Who will repair it? Will my insurance cover this or do I need to pay out of pocket? How am I going to get to work tomorrow?

The answer to all of the questions starts with a call to Hoernis Auto Body. Our customer service team will arrange to tow your vehicle to our secure lot where we will provide an estimate for the damage to your vehicle. We will also contact the insurance company, arrange for a rental car and see if rental car privileges are covered as part of your automobile insurance plan. We will work with you every step of the way until you are back on the road again.

Working With Partners We Trust.

For more than 30 years, Hoernis Auto Body has been working with two area towing providers - Johnston Towing and Poelkers Towing. Both have provided reliable, around-the-clock service to Hoernis Auto Body and our customers consistently throughout the years and we continue to turn to them so we can get your car to our safe, secure lot and begin the estimation process. You may call (618) 234-9669 anytime (24-hr. emergency service available) and we will contact our towing vendors on your behalf to get your car towed as quickly as possible.


Our Towing Vendors


Johnson Towing  


Poelkers Towing